End of an Era in Vermont

It is the end of and era in Vermont, with the Harrington family selling a disused bakery, dairy, horse stables and family home, to a consortium of Melbourne developers.

Across four titles between 493-503 Canterbury Road, the 6,986 square metre parcel is now expected to make way for a medium-density residential project, be it townhouses, flats or a combination of both.

The Harringtons have been connected to the site for more than 50 years.

Vermont, about 21km east of town, lies between Forest Hill, Nunawading and Heathmont. The fictional court beamed around the world as Ramsay Street in the television show “Neighbours” is from a Vermont South street not far from 493-503 Canterbury Road.

Gorman Commercial’s Stephen Speck said, “rising land prices were making development less affordable in areas such as Glen Waverley, hence the move to nearby Suburbs, like Vermont, where builders saw new potential.”

The Canterbury Road parcel sold for more thn $4.6 million.